Pantry Door


This has been something that been on my to-do list for quite some time. We’re talking over a year or so that our pantry door has been waiting for me to decorate it. It was painted with chalkboard paint so that a list of items and notes could be written on it but also because I was supposed to come up with fancy chalkboard text.   I hope to make a new version each month as I know i can come up with better designs than this one.  Might stick to... Read The Rest →

Idle Daydreaming


Add one more to the challenge pile. Again, this time trying to stay away from anything illustrative I went for flat and graphic. More than anything, what intrigued me the most while working on this one was the use of shadows to convey depth. Subtle gradients that are able to lift the shapes of the surface of the page. I have an Evernote list of words that I find odd, clunky, delightful, hoping that one day I’ll be able to slip them casually into a conversation. Woolgathering:  Indulgence in Idle Daydreaming.... Read The Rest →

I’ll know it when i see it


  Continuing with the 30 piece challenge I went back to work with an old photo experiment. Most of my images are usually colourful so  this time I wanted to take a different route, go black and white with just a splash of colour. Take a hand, some moody lighting, desaturate and mirror and ta da, you have yourself an interesting base image to work with. Since a common element that I’ll use for each piece of this series will be a bit of text I progressed with the idea to... Read The Rest →

Do or do not


Ever hear about those 30 day challenges? An exercise challenge every day to get fitter. A journaling challenge to write more. A certain challenge to spur improvement. Taking inspiration from a cousin of mine I think I’ll do a version of my own. It won’t be a new piece every day, more like a 30 part series. To kick off things I figured I’d start off with a motivational poster that I could look back on when I catch myself thinking, you know, 30 seems like a lot to commit to.... Read The Rest →

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