I’ll know it when i see it



Continuing with the 30 piece challenge I went back to work with an old photo experiment. Most of my images are usually colourful so  this time I wanted to take a different route, go black and white with just a splash of colour. Take a hand, some moody lighting, desaturate and mirror and ta da, you have yourself an interesting base image to work with.

Since a common element that I’ll use for each piece of this series will be a bit of text I progressed with the idea to use the text to get my colour fix. I tried different quotes. I tried different typefaces. I tried different ways of threading the words through the fingers. Then, I settled on a sentence that seemed quite apt for this piece and the creative process in general.

Though I liked how that turned out it still lacked something. Originally I thought I’d just reflect the words for the bottom portion or maybe use another set of words, but that too just didn’t feel right. I wanted to affect the second set of hands so that it would be transformative rather than merely a reflection. That’s were the low poly inspiration sprung from. I’ve only dabbled with that style and wanted a chance to use it again. I came across Concept Farm’s Image Triangulator app after looking for a replacement for the discontinued Poly. It’s a simple single function application and I’d recommend trying it out if you’ve wanted to take a shot at making low polygon images.

The end result — the blending from something roughly digital to organic — supported the transitory nature of the image and the exploratory process involved in its own creation.

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