I put together a set of images for local game company. One of the requests that they came back with was trying a style unlike their own house style. So I went in a very different direction and tried my hand at pixel art. Last time I tried was the Yoda piece. I’m quite fond of the look. I liked it enough that I redid it as a profile picture for my various social media accounts.    

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Number Four on the challenge list. As I pick themes and styles for each new piece I choose the ideas that I know will push me to extend beyond my usual tendencies. This time around was creating a mini comic strip. It’s been much too long since I’ve told a narrative this way. Recently I had watched a documentary on “the impact of the best comic strip in the history of the universe: Calvin & Hobbes.” Dear Mr. Watterson reminded me of a time of my youth when I would cut out... Read The Rest →

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