Unanswered Calls

So you’re following along as I continue along this thing called freelancing. For those of you in the same situation you know that it’s tough to get your creative work recognized in the sea of great work already out there. One of my favourite things to ask of other artists is what they themselves do for promotion. Gleaning advice from more experienced artists has always fruitful and one bit of advice that I’ve been given more than just a few times is to apply to Call for Entries. It’s been years since I last submitted a piece and when I have in the past, they were more of the painting variety. I have yet to submit one of my illustrations to one though. It’s a bit surprising to myself that it’s been as long as it has and so I’ve had it on my mind the past few months to do one, having first considered the Society of Illustrators and then the Spectrum call for entries. Coming up next month is the deadline for the 3×3 Illustration Annual No. 9, which I will be submitting a piece to. Sure the possibility for greater visibility sounds enticing, but the participating and being part of the community is in itself a reward.

If you would like to submit a work, the deadline is March 9th with a $30 fee for single entries. Categories include animation, books, editorial, fashion, and unpublished work and open to all illustrators, art directors, and graphic designers.

Good luck!

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