When i decided that it was time to redo my business cards I really wanted to take the DIY approach. I preferred this time around not to design the entirety of the card in a graphics program and then printed into a couple hundred duplicates that I probably wouldn’t need. Each should be a little unique I figured.

Gold and copper spray cans

It started with the paper and the idea of gold edging the cards. First I picked up some art board which I cut down individually into business card sized pieces which offered a thicker edge for the gold trim to be seen. The second time I selected some thinner paper stock that would be a bit more wallet friendly.

Using a quick tutorial from Camille Styles I ended up with a fresh stock of blank golden edged business cards.

Next was the logo. When I had originally designed it, I had it already in mind that a rubber stamp would eventually be made from it. As I was looking over sites where I might have one made I came across Fred Lake which produces embossing and inspector stamps and thought, why not.

Stamp collection

Finished it off with some lettering using a stamp setting kit and I had myself some fresh, hand made business cards. Each impression can be a little imperfect which adds to the uniqueness of each card, and when you switch up the ink, stamp, and paper combinations and you have yourself an unlimited amount of looks for your card.

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