Subway Sketching

A little while ago I was told about the Toronto Subway Sketch Group. Not that I was surprised that something like this is going on, just that it has been around since 2005 and I only just heard about it! It originated with Bobby Chiu of Imaginism Studios and has gone on to be a weekly gathering of professionals and amateurs alike. A friendly group of regulars are there to offer tips and feedback as well as serve as hospitable models if you find yourself too shy to sketch innocent passengers. As such, it’s also very likely you’ll end up someone’s model in the process as well. Drawing in public doesn’t have to be a solitary activity.

Digitally coloured subway sketch

These sessions are definitely social events, the meeting of other artists, the chatting and comparing works during the ride. It’s open to everyone to join in of course and an enjoyable way to flex your creative muscles. If you find yourself in the area with an open Sunday afternoon, this is a great option all for the price of a subway token.

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